Eco Friendly Pop Out Card Mailers

Consumers, particularly in younger generations, are increasingly eco-conscious–and keeping sustainability in mind when creating direct mail can increase a brand’s credibility with these consumers. Pop-Out Card Mailers from ConvertACard are a great way to stand out in the mailbox, and if you’re interested in the benefits of these mailers but would prefer not to use plastic, you’re in luck!

ConvertACard is happy to offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic laminated mailers. Our Eco-Friendly Pop-Out Card Mailers are made with 28pt thick paper, offering the stiffness and sturdiness of a plastic mailer, minus the plastic. These recyclable mailers are water-resistant, and the ultra-smooth surface enables high quality printing that will help your products and services shine. Additionally, the Eco-Friendly Pop-Out Card Mailers are available in all the same sizes and variations as their plastic counterparts!

ConvertACard offers turnkey services, from graphic design all the way to final production and fulfillment. Contact us for FREE samples of our Eco-Friendly Pop-Out Card Mailers!

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