Improve Fundraising Mailings with the All-In-One Response Self Mailer


Direct mail is a proven method for fundraising, but creating a coordinated mailing package with multiple envelopes and inserts can be a hassle. The All-In-One Response Self Mailer was designed as a streamlined, comprehensive solution for fundraising mailing! Here's 3 ways this innovative self mailer can be an asset to your next fundraising mailing:

1. All-In-One Efficiency

Sourcing and coordinating all of the various envelopes and inserts required is probably the greatest inconvenience in producing a traditional fundraising mailing. The All-In-One Response Self Mailer, however, requires no outer envelope and has a return envelope and response page built in!


The self-mailer opens to reveal a perforated response panel and detachable return envelope. The return envelope comes with a moisture-activated glue strip, just like a standard envelope, making it easy for your donor to simply fill out the form and send the envelope!

2. Easy to Customize

In a fundraising mailing, it's important to have consistent visuals across your mailing components that reflect your organization's branding. However, envelope customization is often limited, and it can be difficult and expensive to create custom printed outer envelopes which will stand out in the mailbox.

With the All-In-One Response Self-Mailer, you can easily create an appealing, full-color design on the mailer exterior which will attract attention and encourage potential donors to interact with your mailing. Because the entire self mailer prints as one continuous piece, you can also fully design your built-in return envelopes rather than using plain or minimally-customized return envelopes.

3. Personalize with Variable Data

Personalizing a direct mail piece with your prospect's name can increase response rates by 135%, and with digital printing, the All-In-One Response Self-Mailer makes it easy to include variable data fields. Include your recipient's name, their donation record, and more for a personalized piece of mail!

Through variable data, you can even use multiple designs in the same print run and mailing. If you want to combine your prospect and house lists into one mailing, it's possible to create entirely separate designs tailored to each group.

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