Stand Out in the Mailbox with Interactive Reveal Postcards


Want your next direct mail campaign to stand out in the mailbox? Adding an interactive element which engages another sense beyond just vision can make your mailer more memorable.

Reveal Postcards from ConvertACard feature a perforated, peel-away panel. This interactive element is perfect for inspiring curiosity in the recipient! Here's some ideas on how to leverage this unique, interactive postcard in your next direct mail campaign:


A Surprise Inside

Leveraging variable data to personalize your mailing, or even alter the artwork is possible with Reveal Postcards! Consider creating a variety of promotion options and using variable data printing to create a randomized reward inside each Reveal Postcard. Whether your business is product or service-based, creating suspense when offering a promotion is a great way to make an impression with your mailing!


Membership Rewards

If your business has a membership or customer loyalty program, a Reveal Postcard is a creative way to deliver dividends, members-only promotions, and more! Engage your customer with a birthday or holiday reward that they can open like a real gift, or surprise them with an exclusive offer. Variable data personalization makes it easy to include your customer's name, or tailor the promotion to their purchase history or preferences.


Before and After

Particularly for service-based businesses, before-and-after pictures are a great way to demonstrate what you can do! Show customers a smile that's been improved by your dental services, a bathroom that went from dated to great, landscaping that went from an afterthought to inspired. Whatever services you offer, Reveal Postcard is a clever way to reveal the results and leave an impression.

Ready to stand out in the mail?

Download a free template and create your own Reveal Postcard design, or utilize ConvertACard's custom graphic design services. For FREE samples or a quote for a Reveal Postcard job, contact us!

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